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Spider-Man With over 5 million tickets Spider-Man: No Way Home Online Free and nearly 1.4 billion gross worldwide, “Spiderman No Way Home online” the latest movie about the superhero in a spiderweb costume, breaks several records. Behind the intrigue written and reproduced in the usual Marvel style, lies a wonderful story of redemption. Spoiler alert

Spider-Man No Way Home

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The heart of the movie Spiderman No Way Home revolves around the redemption of the famous villains of the Marvel universe. It is no coincidence that the main intrigue begins when young Spiderman, played by Tom Holland, refuses to send supervillains to his worlds, where he would inevitably await the fatal fate of death.

Is there a Spider-Man: No Way Homee trailer?

Bad guys always lose, but young Spiderman, against the advice of the great sage Dr. Strange, rejects the idea that they are irretrievable and destined to always do evil.

Among the novelties of the film, you will notice the presence on the screen of three Spider-men. In fact, the two previous actors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, meet in different universes to imagine different versions of Spider-Man.

WHO IS “Spider-Man: No Way Homee”?

This surprise foray, in addition to the pleasure given to the fans, allows to enrich and conclude the narrative arcs of the two previous versions of Spiderman, abruptly interrupted after three and two films respectively.

The Christ act of Spiderman

Here the three Spiderman show a true nobility: all have suffered in their flesh, touching death for being neighbors in the service of justice. However, despite a difficult internal conflict, they did not stray from the good.

Twenty years after the first Spiderman, the great villain Goblin is offered a totally unexpected redemption. In the film that was released in 2002, Norman Osborn, who took on the traits of the evil entity, was killed by his own board, which he had thrown to kill the Spiderman played by Tobey Maguire.

He therefore, he had committed suicide, without the spider-man being responsible for his death. This new episode, however, offers a grander ending: while Tom Holland wants Norman Osborn to pay for the murder of his aunt, Tobey Maguire gets in the way and it is he, this time, who is crossed by the board. of Osborn.

What Is “Spider-Man: No Way Homee” About?

That unique moment, a true moment of mercy, allows him to administer to Norman Osborn the drug that frees him from his evil personality.

Risking his own life to save the murderer’s, like God who “does not want the sinner’s death,” Maguire’s salvific act allows Osborn not to die for his own sin, as in the opening episode.

And therefore it is a great ending in the sacrificial dimension of him, that he reinvents himself. Assuming on himself the wound that the villain had to inflict, Spiderman plays the role of alter Christus, thus following the supreme Christian model.

The new Marvel movie ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ was released in theaters in Spain last Thursday, December 16. As with almost all viral films, cybercriminals have taken the opportunity to spread fraudulent pages among Spiderman fans.

Where To Watch Spider-Man: No Way Homee

That the multiverse is a reality in the UCM had already been made clear by the interesting animation series What If this same year much better than the pietrus interruptus of Scarlet Witch and Vision (2021) -, including the flirtation with it in that animated barbarity called Spider-Man: A New Universe (2018), which I am still not clear about if it is canon or not for the contemporary Marvel world map.

The opening of borders -thematic, rather than stylistic- when it comes to approaching the multiverse, well known in the comics, becomes a reality in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the third solo installment of Spider-Man directed by Jon Watts and has starred in Tom Holland.

Where to Watch Spider-Man: No Way Homee

The bet was daring and difficult: reconfigure a contemporary multiverse for Spidey in which the previous sagas of the superhero have a place, that is, that of Sam Raimi (2002-2007) and Marc Webb (2012-2014). And they do it through a fracture in the multiverse because of a Doctor Strange spell that comes out fatal.

That implied that the new Spider-Man adventure had to be able to combine a lot of characters without it functioning as an unhealthy mix of themes and actions beyond the accumulation of the same. And it was important that, as it happens in Ghostbusters: Beyond (2021), it did not fall into the nostalgic concept of a film-altar (a term coined by Nacho Vigalondo), which basically lived off previous film revenues without being able to rise as an independent product.

My feeling, on the contrary, is totally different: I think that Spider-man: No Way Home knows how to take advantage of a risky and daring starting point to build a film that pays tribute to its past – in a really beautiful way, too – while continuing to Look into the future.

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